Value Proposition


Once a vegetable is harvested it immediately begins to decompose (rot). This decomposition process diminishes the Micronutrient values similar to an open container of carbonated beverage going “flat” over time.


Compelling research, and common sense, demonstrates that Vegetables grown with the assistance of Chemicals contain significant amounts of these Chemicals. “You are what you eat applies to Plants also”! Herbicides for weeds (Roundup), Pesticides for bugs (Deet), Fertilizer for Nutrients, Genetically Modified Seeds (GMO). While these additives significantly enhance crop yields they were not meant for Human Consumption.


How many units of Micronutrients are available per quantity of ingredient? ImmunoCalm Broccoli powder has 51,600 IU/100g (3.5 oz) of Vitamin A, beta carotene. (Eurofins Lab analysis) Fresh Raw Mature Broccoli contains 623 IU/100g. (USDA) This means you would need to consume 82.8 times the Mature Stage Broccoli. One ounce of Powder equals more than Five pounds of Mature Fresh Organic Raw Broccoli.


ImmunoCalm uses a Proprietary Process that incorporates numerous steps including Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Soil Conservation, 100% Certified Organic, NO Pesticides, NO Herbicides, NO Fertilizer, NO GMO, Bacteria Control, CO2 Measurements, Lighting Control, Temperature Control, Humidity Control, Air Flow Control, and much more.


This is the term that relates to the proportion of an ingested ingredient that is available and absorbed into a life system and utilized for beneficial outcomes. A synthetic ingredient is said to have diminished bioavailability compared to a totally natural and organic ingredient because it lacks the co factors, phytonutrients, enzymes, etc.


Coupled with Bioavailability, this is the portion of an ingested ingredient that finds its way into the blood stream. A critical factor in this process is what part of the body is the ingredient exposed, to be absorbed. This is why studies reveal that ingredients ingested in the mouth and exposed to that area have significantly higher absorption rates than if taken as a pill. Pills are reported to have as little as a 10% absorption rate.

Value Proposition